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Vacuum Electronics Technologies

Vacuum electronics device technologies play a key role for many applications of strategic importance, from power sources for radar and satellite communication systems to jammer systems for electronic warfare equipment, propulsive systems for satellites to atomic imaging systems for homeland security.

In addition to the applications of vacuum electronics device technologies in the communications, defence, space and aerospace industries, it has more than 300 different areas of application, ranging from precision material processing and merging technologies to the cross-bonding of polymers, from the removal of waste gases to decontamination of microorganisms from food, from processor manufacturing (ion implantation) technologies to production at a nanometer-scale, from heavy ion fusions to plasma production, from cancer treatment (neutron and proton therapy) Technologies to the search for oil and gas deposits, from disposal of nuclear waste to the production of radioisotope and from thorium-based nuclear power plants to free electron lasers.

PROFEN, being aware of the strategic importance of microwave/millimeter vacuum electronics devices for our country in applications requiring high power, high frequency and broadband, continues its research and development activities on the next generation microwave/millimeter wave vacuum electron device technologies for different applications in the EHF (30-300 GHz) frequency band range within its R&D Center.

Vacuum Electronics Competence Fields

Electron Guns

  • – Heat Charged Electron Guns
  • – Cold Field Release Electron Guns

Slow Wave Structures

  • Folded waveguide
  • Coupled cavity
  • Contra-wound helix
  • Ring-bar and ring loop
  • Meander lines and ladder structures

Particle Collectors

  • Particle Collectors with Braking Voltage
  • Single Stage Particle Collectors
  • Multi-Stage Particle Collectors

Electron Diagnostic Equipment

  • Scintillation Screens
  • Faraday Cup
  • DC Current Transformers

Electron Optics Equipment

  • Periodic Magnetic Arrays
  • Electromagnets

Material Technologies

  • Cathode Materials
  • Magnetic Materials
  • High-Alloy Metals

Vacuum Techniques

  • UHV Compatible Mechanical Packaging
  • UHV Compatible Surface Preparation
  • Degassing and Heat Treatment

Impermeable Joints

  • Detachable CF Joints
  • Non-Detachable Brazing