RF and Microwave

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RF and Microwave

PROFEN conducts its research activities in RF and microwave fields taking into account strategic developments and requirements in satellite and space communication sector both in the world and in our country. Our researches cover system and sub-system level analyses, design, prototype developments, production and testing of active and passive communication components in S, X, Ku, Ka, Q and V frequency bands, which are considered as critical technology elements.

Our RF and microwave R&D projects particularly focus on various antenna systems used in satellite and radar technologies. The following processes are conducted for the development of rotary joint structures and antenna systems for portable, fixed and mobile VSAT ground station terminals and radar systems up to K band on air, land and sea platforms:

  • RF and microwave system design and analysis,
  • Formation of PCB circuit diagram, layout drawing, mechanical CAD design, compatibility and verification analyses,
  • Thermal and electromagnetic simulation and analyses,
  • Communication system design and link budget analysis,
  • Electromagnetic test, calibration and verification.

Productized Active RF Components

  • Power amplifiers
  • Frequency converters
  • Phase locked loops (PLLs)
  • RF power detectors
  • Filters
  • Active and passive power dividers/combiners
  • Circulators and insulators

Productized Passive RF Components

  •  Reflector antennas (Parabolic, Cassagrain etc.) (between 70 cm – 7.3 m)
  • Horn antennas
  • Feed structures and Waveguide Transition Components
  • Polarizers and Filters
  • Waveguide Power Dividers and Combiners
  • Tracking feed structures and couplers
  • RF Rotating Joint Structures
  • Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) Structures
  • RADOM structures for multiple frequency bands including air platforms