Hardware and Embedded Systems

Research AreasHardware and Embedded Systems

Hardware and Embedded Systems

PROFEN can form the hardware and embedded system solutions it requires in different application fields according to customer and project needs.

Embedded Software Development Competence Fields

  • – Bare Metal embedded software programming
  • – RTOS embedded software programming
  • – Embedded Linux programming
  • – Kernel driver development
  •  User Tier application development
  •  Custom IP kernel driver development
  •  Bootloader customization
  •  Customized Linux operating system development for SoC systems with Petalinux – SDK
  •  Ethernet Server (TCP, UDP, HTTP, SNMP, FTP etc.) applications
  •  Sensor communication and control applications
  •  Motor check applications
  •  Control Panel applications

FPGA Competence Fields

  •  Digital system design on ZYNQ-7000 series SoC (System On Chip) platforms
  •  Digital Signal Processing with FPGA
  •  IP block designs
  •  Digital signal processing and system modelling procedures with MATLAB
  •  SDR (Software Defined Radio) based system designs using FPGA and RF Transceiver

Hardware Design Competence Fields

  •  Wideband and high frequency PCB and Schematic Designs
  •  Analog-Digital-RF multi-layer circuit designs (2-10 layers)
  •  Narrow band microstrip filter design applications
  •  Circuit/voltage density analysis with PDN analyzer
  •  Passive and active filter designs
  •  Low power IoT applications
  •  IoT master and slave hardware design
  •  IoT geolocation engineering calculations